Grupo Hafesa

At Hafesa Group, we like activities that encourage the an active, healthy life, respectful with the environment. For this reason, we have always opted for sports.

Because  Hafesa  Group shares a set of great human values ​​with sports, such as constant effort, the urge to excel, improving one’s own limits and teamwork.


For this reason, our group has been a sponsoring partner to athletes and professional and amateur teams for several years. We foucs all our energy on supporting and helping them, so that they can give the best of themselves in their disciplines and feel rewarded in their daily efforts.

We are one of the main sponsors of the Euskadi Foundation and we are proud to support the “Orange Tide” and promote cycling as a grassroots sport throughout the Basque Country.

We know what it is to compete, in a healthy and respectful way.

We know what sport is and we like it.

Beyond the victories, the trophies, the medals… at Hafesa Group we are with the people who are behind the athletes.

And we give everything for them. We are their team.

“We are an energy holding company that feels greatly represented in sports. But above all, at Hafesa Group we are with the local athlete, the one who comes from here, the one who is close to our people and our towns. At Hafesa Group we want to be that encouragement, that applause, that daily support, that “come on, you can do it” that every athlete needs to achieve their goals and challenges”. Bruno Álvarez, CEO of Hafesa Group

Bruno Álvarez, CEO de Grupo Hafesa


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In the Hafesa Group we see sponsorship as much more than just a way to increase brand awareness. We see it as a way to share values such as effort, the desire to excel and competitiveness. These are the values that form part of our company’s activities and ones we love to share with sports people as much as with those leading innovation.

“In the CD Tear Ramón y Cajal we are grateful and proud to have the backing of the Hafesa Group as our main sponsor. Their support is the energy behind maintaining a team in the second highest national tier of women’s basketball, one with an academy of more than 150 male and female players

Our goal at RACA is to continue striving towards the future hand-in-hand with the Hafesa Group with energy, a desire to excel, and continual growth, without limits or barriers, to reach our planned destination.”


Basketball team

Grupo Hafesa Patrocinio
Hafesa Oil Patrocinio


“As a professional, it is a privilege to be able to count on the support of the Hafesa Group. Together we pursue the same objective, the search for excellence through our daily efforts in order to become the very best in our respective fields.”


Antonio Albacete

“MAD ABOUT MUSIC EVENTS is a project that, since its inception, has focused on projecting the musical careers of our artists as well as thrilling our customers. That was our main intention, and when put your heart into everything, while on the other side have someone who believes and trusts in what you live and transmit every day… someone who gives you the opportunity to grow and to do something ever greater. That someone is Grupo Hafesa, a company that has backed us, and this is what has united us. Together we are now a small family, with the same passion and a shared value:
‘Whatever you do, do it as best you can’

and … #siesconmusicamejor”


Chema Torija


Grupo Hafesa patrocinio
Hafesa Oil patrocinio

“For us, as motorsport professionals with more than 20 years of experience, we are fully aligned with the values of the Hafesa Group. Commitment, dedication, effort and a lot of hard work, there is no other way to succeed. That’s why it is an honour for us to represent the colours of our team and our main ally.”


Alvaro Lobera y Fernando Navarrete Pilotos