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Publicado el Friday, 16 July, 2021

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  • Throughout 2020 they handled 221,000 tons of biodiesel.
  • As provider of logistics services from the port of Motril, they have set the standard for the distribution of ecological fuels.


Established in 1991 and part of the Hafesa Group since 2016,   Secicar,  the company specialised in the storage and distribution of hydrocarbons,  has announced a record figure of 221,000 tons of biofuel moved  through the port of Motril, Granada in 2020. Known by the acronym of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester), this is a biodiesel created from animal or vegetable fats and recycled edible oils, which are then mixed with diesel to create a cleaner and more ecological fuel. These goods, which have recently been added to the port’s statistic data, are unloaded from the ships onto Secicar’s facilities and subsequently distributed by land.


Throughout 2020, the company moved 221,000 tons, distributed in 15 batches, and so far in 2021 they have already moved close to 33,000. Secicar has positioned itself in the southern part of the peninsula as the benchmark for logistic operations, both  for the storage and the distribution of these types of biofuels and has placed the port of Motril at the forefront of this activity thanks to the facilities it has located there.


In the words of Alejandro Hamlyn López-Tapia, president of Hafesa and main promoter of the activities in the port of Motril, “Secicar’s objective is to consolidate its current business model with its dynamic management style and the drive that characterizes the group”.


With their hydrocarbon trading operations, storage and distribution activities and  expansion into new areas within the energy industry, Hafesa Group aims to become an energy operator with global presence. The Motril terminal is located in Granada’s coastal capital city, in the Port’s logistics zone  and has a capacity of 104,000 cubic meters. Secicar is one of the main  providers of logistic services in the port, from here it supplies fuels and combustibles to carriers, distributors and households throughout Spain, especially in the South.

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