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Hafesa Group, the holding company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of petroleum products, have completed the improvement works of their DBA Bilbao Port terminal, on which they have worked on for the last 8 months with an approximate investment of 2.3 million euros.

One of the main improvements of the terminal was aimed at increasing its operational capacity, by enabling one of its tanks for the storage and distribution of gasoline, specifically Gasoline 95. In this way, the tank is now connected to the product loading areas through independent lines.

Two new loading docks have also been incorporated, allowing carriers to reduce their loading and waiting times, they have also implemented the blending and the additivation  of the biodiesel directly in the diesel loading arm. “This, in short, will also serve to implement systems that mix diesel with biofuels with the firm objective of continuing to focus on a cleaner and more eco-friendly fuel,” explains Alfonso Rey, director of facilities at Hafesa Group.

All these deployments respond to the challenge of achieving a more competitive terminal, not only by incorporating a new product like gasoline 95, in great demand in the current market, but also by optimizing the transportation costs of the product by being able to transport petrol and diesel in the same truck.

In the words of Diego Guardamino, General Manager of Hafesa Group, “the main objective of these improvements is to provide customers with a better service, a greater agility when loading and transporting and the option of having access to a greater variety of product. This is one more example of the group’s firm intention to expand their operational capacity and continue to opt for a cleaner and more eco-friendly fuel”.

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