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• 2.5 Millon will be invested to adapt the facilities to the fuel business and expand the tanker vehicle fleet with ten new units.
• This plant will go by the name DBA Ocaña and will contribute to opening new markets (alt. New marketing opportunities) in the center of the Peninsula.

Hafesa Group, the holding company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of petroleum products, has recently signed the purchase agreement to acquire a new storage and distribution plant in Ocaña, in the province of Toledo. Located at km 2.7 of the road from Ocaña to Yepes and next to the main highways of the region, this new plant, which was previously used for the production of biofuels, has 10 storage tanks. These are in addition to the 29 that Hafesa Group already has on Spanish territory.This new plant named DBA Ocaña will become an important logistics facility.

It represents a key milestone in the Group’s expansion strategy, and will make a decisive contribution to consolidating their activity using their own infrastructures, opening an important market in the center of the Peninsula and to optimizing all their operations. The Group already has three terminals in several ports in the North and South of Spain, located in Bilbao, Motril and Gijón.

Hafesa Group will also invest 2.5 million euros in adapting these facilities, which are expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2022 and which will contribute significantly to the reactivation of the economy in the area. The commissioning of the plant is expected to employ a total of 25 people. In addition, the group is going to increase their own fleet of tanker vehicles, and expects to end the year incorporating 10 new units. With the new facility and their investment in vehicles, the company expects to achieve an additional sales volume of 100,000 m3, of diesel per year. Hafesa Goup, honouring their commitment to sustainable development and with the objective of minimising the emissions caused by the company’s activities, intend to implement in parallel, a self-consumption energy project for the plant.

In the words of Diego Guardamino, General Manager of Hafesa Group, “this is a strategic step for the company in Spain, since it will allow us to achieve a greater presence in the central area of the Peninsula, improve our service and thus optimize many of our operations.”

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