corporate social responsability

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Combining production processes in a coordinated way, complying with environmental legal requirements and the safety of our employees are an inherent part of the Group’s activity, this allows us to offer the best service to our clients and to society as a whole by adhering to national and international legal requirements in regard to people and their labour rights.


Our commitment is global and across all our activities. We hold conversations with clients and suppliers to promote these practices beyond the reach of our responsibility.


Having in place management systems for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Prevention of Serious Accidents and Legal Compliance allows us to deploy our CSR principles in a smooth and progressive manner.

Applying them on a daily basis, we ensure all our staff comply with the regulations and procedures, by providing them with all the necessary training and information to:


1. Abide by good professional practice, under the standards defined in the management systems.


2. Manage our impact on the environment by reducing, reusing, recycling and evaluating waste -whether hazardous or not- in the activities we carry out.


3. Meet the expectations of our shareholders and our customers.