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Hafesa Group, the holding company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of petroleum products, has renewed the partnership agreement with the Euskadi Foundation cycling team for the second consecutive year.This sponsorship is part of Hafesa Group’s commitment to their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, and aims to continue paving the path for the ongoing growth of the Basque team and be one of the main sponsors of a renowned international  sporting symbol, the “orange tide”. The ambition to exceed this goal is fueled by their perseverance in every pedal stroke, their preparation for each training session and their search for excellence through sacrifice, all these signs of character are shared by Hafesa Group with the Euskadi Foundation. Their story, full of great deeds and dreams, is a source of inspiration for the group.


In the words of Bruno Álvarez, CEO and COO of Hafesa Group, “ Hafesa  Group and the Euskadi Foundation have written a tale of victory, one that we would like to repeat this year. We have put all our energy into bolstering this commitment, because we share values ​​with the Euskadi  Foundation team. We admire their courage and dedication,  sacrifice and hard work, and we  identify ourselves very much  with his way of tackling challenges. For us it is very exciting to be part of the orange tide and promote Basque cycling”.On his part, Aitor Galdós, Sponsorship Manager of Euskadi Foundation, pointed out that “it is a luxury to be able to count on the support of a leading company like DBA Bilbao Port, a subsidiary of Hafesa Group, in order to continue growing in the social, sports and financial spheres. “.This is what Bruno Álvarez and Aitor Galdós stated at the public presentation of the agreement, where the team’s jersey, which boasts the logo of DBA Bilbao Port, a subsidiary of Hafesa Group, on the chest, was on show. The announcement of this sponsorship will take place during a race in the celebration of the  upcoming Vuelta a España 2021  a date with world class cycling that will take place from August 14th  to Sunday September 5th  2021.


Hafesa Group, a company with ties to sport. Hafesa Group has always opted for sport, an activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the environment. Engaging with sports is part of our DNA, our story reflects our passion for sports through the sponsorship of both athletes and professional and amateur teams. Hafesa Group supports athletes by striving to help them to give the best of themselves in their disciplines and rewarding their daily efforts.

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